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    Brothers are handcuffed to their date/member of sorority. Tailgating sporting events- obviously football, however for schools that don’t have major athletic teams there can be tailgating for the sports they do have. They obviously don’t get voting rights or obligations for setting things up for the chapter or any other general hazing practices. We try and keep a 2 guests per active ratio during any of our events so things don’t get out of hand with invites as well as keeping a names list of people who were invited. Thrift shop: everyone goes and finds the most ridiculous outfit from thrift shops that they can. The huge tarps are only a hundred dollars or so and then you just need soap and a water source. They think they are meeting for a regular pledge meeting, we take their phones then tell them they have 20-30 minutes to be back at the house with a date.

    What we do every once in a while is invite a sorority over at about 10 or 1030, cook up some pancakes and just hang out on the lawn. The house gets decorated bright and with candy on the walls. Community service/philanthropic event (blood drive, habitat for humanity build, etc.) 19. Guest speaker: getting a well known person to come in and talk with students about how they became successful and taking questions on what people could do to get where their at. Non-Ritual chapter meetings: we do this so that potential new members can see what it’s like to be apart of the meetings. ABC (anything but cups or anything but clothes or anyone but carolina): ABCups is you bring items that aren’t usually used as cups, ie. ABClothes things like Christmas paper, trash bags, soda boxes, wooden barrels, traffic cones what have you. Ugly sweater social and Christmas paper: thrift shop for the ugliest sweater you can find or dress up in some wrapping paper. Campus security Social: get some pizza and soda or whatever you want to eat and drink and mix and mingle with campus security and get on their good side rather than trying to dodge them. Whatever the majority of your members major is have a social with those teachers to get on a personal level with them and to get to know them better as well. Hold sign-ups to facilitate pairings, play a bit of music, and allow three to five minutes for each pair to get to know one another. While it may be difficult to arrange given that sororities tend to be a bit larger than fraternities in size, one focusing on new-members or a particular class could help resolve that issue. We have a lot of hills here on campus so we have a lot of fun making a huge slip and slide and grilling out.

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    Game Notes (PDF): Louisiana | South Alabama Radio: ESPN 1420-AM • Talent: Steve Peloquin, Px P TV: None Live Stats: Game 1 | Game 2 | Game 3 Live Video (FREE): Jag Nation TV Rosters: Louisiana | South Alabama Schedules: Louisiana | South Alabama Season Stats: Louisiana | South Alabama Ragin' Cajuns Twitter: @ULRagin Cajuns | @Ragin Cajuns SB Opponents Twitter: @USAJags Softball (Louisiana, 1985) Career Record: 704-173-1 (15th season) Record at Louisiana: Same South Alabama: Becky Clark (Mobile, 1995) Career Record: 522-236-2 (14th season) Record at USA: 366-203-1 (11th season) 1 - The Ragin' Cajuns begin the road portion of their 2017 schedule, which was delayed when the original road opener at App State (Mar. 2 - The Louisiana-South Alabama series has been a tightly contested in recent years.

    Those of you who have been with me for a while know how much I love rice.

    The USA Athletics Department recommends softball fans park at the Mitchell Center parking lot for easy access to Jaguar Field.

    So Saturday night I went to a Lock and Key event because a friend wanted to go to a different speed dating event that I didn’t feel like going to (that sentence made perfect grammatical sense, right? The back story is I went to a speed dating event way back in August, thinking it would be an interesting experience, and that it would be a good way to meet people.

    I was right on the first count, not as right about the second part.

    I didn’t particularly want to go back to that style, because I didn’t want to pay for it again (I got a free pass to the second one) and am willing to try most things at least once. Despite the inauspicious beginning, things went okay. I was wrong about a single Indian dude of the engineering/programming variety showing up (No, I don’t count, and I’m brown so I’m allowed to make those kinds of terrible generalizations), but was right about being the youngest person there by a good 5-10 years (my friend being the other exception). This seemed to have a perverse incentive though, since you also got a prize for having the most raffle tickets at the end.

    The event itself worked by giving every guy a key and every guy a lock. Each time you do, both people go back to the main table and get a new lock or key and a raffle ticket. So if you stopped and talked to someone, getting to know them, you had less time to unlock locks.

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